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4.4 North Denmark Region

The background

During the CESME project we have learnt that:

  • No SME is an idealist meaning that ‘money talks’ when they want to take action in this direction
  • The low-hanging fruits have already been picked. Product innovation and business models will be the next big thing, but also requires a lot more effort and knowledge to succeed
  • Scalability is important as the investments are big
  • Bringing the SMEs together in order to share knowledge and experiences often strengthens the learning experience (Go n’see tours)
  • In order to make the final and right decision, ROI (Return on Investment) may be the key.



The toolkit and the green mindset will become a natural part of the business counselling in North Denmark Region

  • The toolkit (or parts of it) will be implemented in already existing business programmes giving advice to SMEs
  • The Business Development Centre North Denmark will train other business counsellors in the region within this area
  • The Business Development Centre North Denmark will become a knowledge hub within circular economy in the region


Players involved

  • Local Business Service in each municipality (they will help to identify the green potentials in the SMEs)
  • Universities and regional educational institutions (they will provide expert knowledge to keep us updated within the field)
  • National and regional clusters and network (they will identify common challenges and barriers as well as solutions to them and It will help strengthen the cooperation between Business Development Centre North Denmark and the relevant clusters)
  • Private consultants and experts (they will act as the extended arm for the Business Development Centre North Denmark)
  • SMEs (they are the target group)



The timeframe will be from 2018-2019



Costs related to these actions will be around 250.000 EUR structural funds.

They will be spread among

  • 100 SMEs for individual counselling
  • Camps and after-work meeting for around 100 SMEs


Funding sources

The funding source will primarily be the European Structural Funds, which have already been approved for these actions.