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3.6.2 The Circular Plastics Economy in Wales

Quality can be enhanced by having access to segregated uncontaminated raw materials. A competitive edge is possible by focusing on quality and doing ’the right thing’ in terms of recycling and reusing waste products and this can be attractive to buyers in internationally recognized brands. Quality and Quality Assurance is key. This has allowed Pulse Plastics to have a competitive edge and to develop a range of markets for recycled and reused plastics.

By focusing on a quality product Pulse Plastics now supply International brands such as TATA Steel as well as companies operating in the supply chain for the automotive sector.

Pulse Plastic’s operation relies on supply of locally sourced waste plastic (raw material) and an end market for their high quality product. They can demonstrate to stakeholders’ circular economy thinking and delivery, which facilitates both supply and demand.

The business specializes in producing extruded and injection moulded edge and bore protection packaging for coils of sheet steel. The protection products are made from 100% recycled HDPE and are currently supplied to Tata Steel for their sites in the UK and Holland.

Pulse Plastics provide a circular and local solution. Taking in waste plastics they grind raw material and then extrude and cut the product. Thus they have control over quality50.