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3.5.5 Two Hands Workshop

The problem addressed: Students who have dropped out of the educational system have been hard to reach. 

The good practice: Two hands workshop49 is an asssociation concentrated on providing training and jobs for the unemployed or young people in the most vulnerable position at the labor market. It is coordinated by the educational institutions. Th workshop uses a lot of recycled materials and for example produces clothing from them. 

The workshop is a collaboration between regional vocational institutions. The students can conduct their job learning period<s or paths of studies by working the workshop. 

People without degree or training is very well motivated during the period of the workshop. Even people who have been unemployed for several years and thus seen as unable to work, have been in the rehabilitative work in the workshop and after the period they were able to continue studying or working at the labor market.

One of the tools to overcome de-motivation were "skill diaries" kept by every participant. The young participants were able to see in person how many different skills they had or which skills they had achieved.

The way of working can be seen as not only recycling but also upcycling - getting the lost workforce back to society.

Evicence of succes: Two hands workshop is above the national average numbes in the statistics on how many particpants get back to school or work after taking part which is 43% against national average 21%.