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3.4.6 NCC Recycling Industry

The EU directive on waste requires that 70% of all construction amd demolition waste must be recovered or recycled by 2020 at the latest. Denmark is very close to this target by now. 

NCC is a major construction company that even has its own grawel pits. In time these will be depleted while at the same time construction waste seems to be a constant source as the market for recyclable industrial waste is free and the total amount of waste appears to increase in the future. 

NCC decided to try out a new business model; optimising resource consumption, reducing climate impact, contributing to recycling, handling and depositing waste in a safe and environmentallly friendly manner.

NCC Recycling is thereby a new business area established to reduce the amount of construction waste such as stone, concrete, soil and bricks bu recycling the majority of the waste into new construction materials as well as new asphalt. 

Several waste terminals have been established in Denmark, Sweden and Finland receiving waste materials from the construction and building industry. 

NCC Recycling contributes not only to the fulfilment of the EU directive on waste and the key environmental challenges in the society but also to the NCC competitiveness and the company profile towards suppliers and customers, as it allows them to reach their target indicators as well46.