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3.3.8 Herambiente

The problem addressed: Herambiente40 didn't have a high-technology plant in the Bologna area capable to guarantee an efficient treatment of the waste from seperate collections. For that reason it was necessart to built a new plant in a short period with the consequential challenge to achieve immediately high efficiency of the equipment installed. 

Specific professional training and teaching activities were carried out in order to develop the know-how of the staff (particularly for managing a technological process); experienced collegues from the nearest company plants were temporary relocated in order to share knowledge. 

The good practice: In the Bologna area waste from municipalities and businesses are collected and recycled. Herambiente needed a new and modern plant to treat municipal solid waste (dry mono/multi material fractions) and non-hazardous special waste from seperate collections. To face this need, a new plant was built with state-of-the-are technology of mechanical treatment and based on optical sorting systems.

The two lines, one to treat paper fractions and one for plastics, are able to guarantee a high efficient process in terms of quality and quantity. The result is a plant with a treatment capacity of 100.000 tons per year with a high average overall recovery percentage (70%).

Evidence of succes: Herambiente Granarolo plant is able to treat up to 12 tons/h of paper waste and up to 8 tons/h of plastic waste. The 2016 average amount treated is 70.000 tons a year. The fraction recovered comply with the highest standards prescribed by the national packaging material consortia and also required by the national and international markets.