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3.3.7 Bio-On

Nowadays plastic are mainly produced from oil and gas and cannot degrade. As a consequence it pollutes the environment with terrible impact on environment, its wild life, fauna and flora and human beings. 

The worldwide increase in plastic waste has led to a great number of actions and strategies aimed at minimising the negative impact of the increasing production and consumption of polymer materials. Despite the efforts that have been made in the past decades, the volume of plastic is still growing around the world and remains a huge worldwide problem. 

The introduction of new plastic types such as bioplastic PHA is not obtained from oil and as such it is able to degrade by the end of its life. Thereby it contributes to mitigate the consequences of the increasing use of plastics both from raw materials as well as by the end of life. 

Bio-on aims to demonstrate the industrial production of biopolymer PHA, which is 100% biodegradable in water as well as in soil. It is a new genertion of linear polyesters able to replace and improve traditional plastics and thereby overcome the negative impact and contribute to the protection and sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems through a sustainable use of raw materials. 

bio-on aims aims to supply technology, know how and service to implement industrial plants for production of fully biodegradable plastic using sustainable raw materials (no food) and appying only to natural processes within the sustainable limits of the planet and its ecosystem.

Through the facilities available today, it is possible to produce39:

  • Biopolymers PHA at pilot plant level, demonstrating the scalability of the technology for the PHAs commercialisation considering the demands and needs of existing customers, the growing demand from emerging users and several ongoing research projects
  • Scaling-up the technology and create a worldwide reference plant and a center of excellence for the improvement of the industrial processes in the specific technical segment
  • Create jobs in Emilia-Romagna region