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3.3.1 AMP Recycling

Closing the loop with ILIP food packaging

I.L.P.A. Group is one of the few companies that manage the whole supply chain of r-PET: from post-consumer plastic to a new thermoformed food packaging. ILIP S.r.l. is the final stage of I.L.P.A. Group recycled- PET vertical integration converting r-PET in trays for food securing its origin and traceability.

Packaging can only be assessed in relation to the product it contains and the function it serves. Such an assessment will show that in the context of sustainability, packaging should be considered as part of the solution and not part of the problem.

ILIP’s three main commitments are: 1. REDUCE packaging weight without compromising the safety and shelf life of the packaged products. ILIP promotes more sustainable and innovative packaging weight and improve shelf life with MAP, 2. RECYCLING has become economically and environmentally sustainable. ILIP is part of I.L.P.A. vertical integration of the r-PET supply chain: a CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM from post consumer water bottles to food packaging and 3. RENEWABLE RESOURCES: bioplastics, plastics from plant are renewable and compostable. ILIP is the only European manufacturer with complete ranges of disposable tableware, foodservice packaging and fresh produced packaging made with PLA35.