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3.1.2 Utilization of Marine Transport Containers

The project demonstrates the possibility to use marine transport containers for building a hostel for students. This is the first of this type of building in Bulgaria which is tailor-made for the needs of a specialized sport school in Sofia to provide optimal living conditions to some of the youngsters studying there. Twelve colored marine transport containers were used for the building which after processing and transformation resulted in 8 fully equipped apartments. The project has taken into consideration the needs of handicapped as one of the apartments is designed completely to serve students with disabilities. The idea was born as a result of the negative trade balance between Asia and Europe, which resulted in piles of unused containers, stored and not used anymore once they reached Europe.

It is important to be careful when picking up the containers from the harbours, so they are kept as undamaged containers, because the system to construct such a building is using the ”click” modules and everthing should fit precisely.

The buildings made out of colored containers are covering the requirements and providing the comfort of a standard apartment. They are extremely energy efficient and can be made much faster than the traditional ones. Furthermore, they are not affected by the weather conditions and the investment costs are lower. They are also mobile and much more solid in case of an earthquake.

The constucting modules allow a very quick assembling in case of necessity such as force majeure or red cross actions as the containers are prepared, equipped and designed for this purpose from the plant. They come from the plant with a 90% readiness to be installed on the spot. The concrete foundation can be used as a foundation for the building, as the construction system is light and solid at the same time.

This approach/technology can be used to build kinder gardens, homes for elderly people, low budget hotels, bungalows, bazars, office buildings, etc.