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1. Circular Economy Policies and Framework

CESME White Book on Circular Economy is an effort to capitalize on previous experience and to present the lessons learnt and the experiences gained during the CESME project in a coherent and systematic way. 

It comprises the following Chapters:

  1. An introduction providing a short description of the project, its aims and results, and presenting the project partnership.
  2. Circular economy policies and framework, such as EU, national and regional policies.
  3. Major themes and topics concerning circular economy for areas of interest (e.g. built environment, textiles, packaging, etc.). This Chapter also provides information on the barriers of implementation and relevant stakeholders.
  4. A presentation of best practices collected during the project.
  5. The Action Plans developed in the context of the project by each participant country and region.
  6. The tools developed for green profile assessment and return on investment developed, also, during the project.

The CESME White Book on circular economy is a collaborative effort of all partners.